Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week 26: Fireworks

This wednsday is the fourth of July, aka America's independence day! Nothing says fourth of july better than fireworks. To show off my American pride I sent up patriotic flares in red, white and blue.

The blue I used was a dark navy and the red really didn't show up on my black background either; about my third nail in I came up with the grand idea to paint all the fireworks in white and just cover some up with red and bue to make the colors stand out more. The above picture is of all nails with white based fireworks.

This is what my first nail looked like wiht nothing under the blue and red to make them pop...
the blue firework is in the top right-ish corner and the red is in the bottom right corner. I think if I were to do these nails again I would actually light fireworks from them, just kidding, but if I could figure out how to do it (safely) I totally would. Do they use fireworks to celebrate independence days in other countries, or is it just an American thing? If you know please fill me in below.
Happy Fourth of July!

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