Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week: 25 Porcelain

Ok, so this week I did a freehand of what I thought porcelain looked like. Then, when I had finished, I actually looked up a picture of porcelain on google, this is what I found...

My nails aren't nearly as intricate but they do look delecate. Hmm I just noticed that the objects in this picture are soda cans, I wonder why. Anyways I started with (as always) a strenthening base coat, then I painted a milky white base and (finally) added the design, in blue, using the pointy end of what is actually supposed to be a cutical pusher.   
I'm really pleased with them, my nails turned out more like broken shards of an ancient vase or plate than a whole and healthy saucer. Should I have added more detail? I'm conflicted, on the one hand less is more but on the other hand, shouldn't more be more? Weigh in below!

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