Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week 15,16, and 17: Bedroom Nails

I'm Sorry I know, I've missed three weeks but I was visiting colleges and was stranded without nailpolish or computer access (I really do need a laptop.) So to remedy my mistake I have come up with a way to do three manicures in one!

I started with lace on my thumbs and index fingers to do this I actually painted the lace and then pressed it onto my nails.

Second I did small black and red corsets on my pointer and pinky nails I wish I had found small enough ribbon for bows but alas I did not.

Then I painted my middle fingers in what I like to call "starry night" however it is less Van Goh inspired and more "dot dot" surrot in that it is basically small white dots on top of black polish covered in silver polish with gemstones mixed in for some bling.

When you add it all up (corsets, lace, ambiance inducing stars) you end up with what I like to call bedreoom nails.

Anyway I hope my sneaky plan is enough to appease y'all.

See ya next week.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 14: Bunnies!


Eat lots of candy and keep on the lookout for the easter bunny, Oh wait! there he is!

Bunny Butts
Bunny Fronts