Saturday, July 21, 2012

Week 29: Jail Break

This week's manicure admittedly looks very Halloween, but if you look closer you'll realize that my nails have been incarcerated. My thumbs are being strangled with barbed wire;black with a design in grey, my pointers are wearing some striped pajamas; white with black stripes(horizontal,)  both middle fingers are stuck behind bars; black with grey stripes(vert,) my ring fingers are sporting the classic orange jumpsuit; orange with black numbers, and finally my pinky nails are weighed down by handcuffs; black with grey design. I'm not really sure what inspired this week's manicure but it just popped into my head one day "hey it would be really cool to do a barbed wire design" and just evolved from there. maybe I've been watching too many cop shows and murder mysteries. So... opinions! Three months too early or is jail cool year-round? Gotta go watch some Rookie Blue.

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