Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week 28: Tupac Hologram

I know the Tupac hologram at Coachella is old news, but I was watching Jimmy Kimmel and he had Gary Oldman reading from R. Kelly's new memoir Soulacoaster and mentioned the Tupac hologram; I have been wanting to do hologram nails and thought OMG Tupac is perfect! (If you want to watch the video - which I thought was somewhat funny- just follow this link

So to do my Hologram nails I started with a sheer iridescent base coat and printed out the pictures I wanted to use- in this case Tupac, music notes, and lyrics from the song "Me Against the World." The whole process was very similar to newsprint nails; I soaked the images in rubbing alcohol then pressed them onto my nails. This time I let the sheets of paper dry on my nails so that I had to soak them in water to take the paper off but it left a film of paper on them which made everything cloudy which I thought improved the whole look. I think this method would work great for any manicure since you can print pictures of whatever you want to transfer to your nails. To finish the manicure I just sealed it all in with a top coat.

The Tupac images turned out the best, I think it was because there was so much more ink the music notes were really fritzy but actually the lyrics were okay except I forgot to flip them before I printed so they are all backwards, that is important if you want your image to go on one way you have to print it the opposite. I hope you don't think I'm cheating by using the same technique as the newsprint nails, I thought they were different enough that it could slide. Let me know what you think below!

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