Saturday, March 24, 2012

Week 12: Hunger Games!

I know, I know, everyone is doing Hunger Games nails but as I'm going to see the movie tomorrow I just had to do it. I chose to mix it up (since all i've been seeing are flames, and mockingjays) and do District 13 inspired nails. If you aren't a fan of the Hunger Games READ THEM District 13 is the district that started the uprising that led to the post-apocalyptic world inhabited by Katniss Everdeen, and was subsequently punished with extinction by way of nuclear weaponry. My nails are basically what I envisioned District 13 to look like post annihilation.  I started it much the same as my other forays into ombre with black at the bottom than a maroon and finally a tan color. I covered everything with an orange tinted glitter because what is a manicure without glitter? Then I used a toothpick and white polish to write District 13 on my thumbnail.
 So, are my nails end of the world worthy? I think Katniss would approve or at least Effie T. would.

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