Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 10/11: Newspaper/Lucky Charms/ Apology

I'm sorry! I know I missed last week but I'm making it up right now, plus I'm trying to think up a suitable punishment for my slacking. The worst part is that I already had my nails done and my pictures taken all I had to do was write but I was too darn lazy.

So LAST week I did newsprint. Literally. I dipped pieces of newspaper in rubbing alchohol, painted my nails white and just pressed the newspaper onto my nails for about 10 seconds. Here is the finished product.

As you can see I had to go over some of them a couple times and the newsprint got piled on top of itself.
On to St. Patty's Day! I am not Irish, nor an alcoholic so I really don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day but nonetheless I felt it fitting to pay homage with my nails. I used gold and green to paint 3 leaf clovers on my thumbs and just green tips on the rest of my nails they're actually pretty fun! Success!
I promise I will Make it up next time, till then I am begging forgiveness.

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