Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 5: Leather

It's tar! It's paint! It's fabirc?

I know, I know it's technically week 6 but I've decided to give myself one free pass because I was terribly bussy this week. It will never happen again (I hope.) Anyway, this week I did leather, and by leather I mean that I stuck fleecy fabric masquerading as leather to my nails. It sounds weird, and truthfully it looks a little weird but also kind of cool. The fake leather gives my nails the appearance of a matte black and slightly tarry polish. To get my leather nails I cut up some fake leather fabric into nail shapes ( a la nail strips) and then painted my nails with clear and then black polish and stuck the fabric on, although of course the fabric wasn't a perfect fit and I spent a good 40 minutes trimming the fabric around my nails. 

A hand in progress (note the pieces of fabric)

At first it didn't feel all that strange but now the edges have started curling up and I have become increasingly aware that there is something on my nails that shouldn't be, in fact I just ripped off the piece on my left pointer. Gosh I have to stop that. Fabric as nail polish is kinda cool but not completely practical unless you happen to be a handmodel or someone who doesn't wash their hands or really do anything at all.

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