Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 4: Rainbow Fish

Okay, so in honor of well, nothing, I did my nails as everyones favorite aquatic children's book outcast: Rainbow Fish!  Unfortunately until about 2 minutes ago I didn't remember what he looked like... To start I painted my three middle nails with Sinful Colors Professional in Let Me Go (how fitting considering that's likely what a real fish would say if I stuck it to my finger nails.) Then, because every fish needs water, I painted my thumb and pinkie nails in N.Y.C Skin Tight Denim Cream. And because lips are such a prominent fishy feature I used Rimmel London Lycra Wear in Black satin, and some of my new nail brushes to give my rainbow fish faces and fins.  Finally, since no one has ever seen a fish without scales I cut up some blue sequins and stuck them on top. The sequins were a little impractical and promply fell off as soon as I took my pictures. Oh Well, they looked great while they lasted!

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