Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week 32: Beaches

I guess I'm still in vacation mode because this week's manicure features a sunset beach scene.

Salt and Nailpolish aka sand
To create the sand I mixed a tan polish with a coppery polish and some salt I used the flat end of an orange stick to mix and apply the "sand."I created the water by mixing a dark blue with a sheer,sparkly green and applied it with a sponge (the tip of an eyeshadow applicator.) To make the sunset I started with a sheer purple base then mixed a metalic mauve and yellow and applied it with a sponge on top and then in the center I added an extra dab of yellow with the other side of the sponge - still an eyeshadow applicator. The manicure turned out pretty good considering I did my nails in the light from my bedside lamp and couldn't really see what I was doing, but I guess that's why it's good to use a sponge it makes all smudging and mixing look intentional.
I used every single one of these supplies! And yes that is a graduation themed paper plate

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